How does the process of ordering a custom resume work?

How the process works

  1. After you place your order and checkout, we will email you a link to our online resume info form
  2. Fill out the form the best you can
  3. Upload high quality pictures on the online form
  4. Once we receive the form it will take 4-6 business days to finish your order
  5. We will email you a pdf file of your resume
  6. Review your resume and request any changes or suggestions
  7. If everything is perfect, start using your resume
  8. Email or print and mail it as much as you want


How long does it take to get my resume?

Depending on the time of year, typically 4-6 business days - sometimes quicker, but sometimes longer. 


Can I order copies?

High quality, full color, edge to edge printed copies can be ordered upon request. It's $2.00 a copy (a minimal of 10) plus shipping. 


How do I request changes?

We usually offer free updates to text for 30 days after your order. Text includes results, goals, schedule, and stats. Changes to pictures and design can be done for a discounted fee.


How do I renew for next year?

We offer our current clients and discount to update and redesign the resume for the new sponsorship season. Just contact us when you are ready.


How do I send you pictures?

There is an uploader at the bottom of the form where you can upload pictures you want to use. PLEASE, only use high quality, large file format pictures for best results. Pictures taken from phones or have already been uploaded to social networks are usually poor quality or have been compressed for digital use. You must have permission from the photographer is the pictures are watermarked. 


How many pictures can I send?

Most clients are not sure which pictures to send so that's why we allow you to send us as much as you want. However, we will probably end up using 3-4 pictures. 


What information do yo need to get started?

We gather everything we need on the online resume form.